Try a little tenderness, Otis Redding

Norman Rockwell [This is for you] Ooh she may be weary And them young girls they do get weary Wearing that same old shaggy dress But when they get weary [You gotta] try a little tenderness [Tell you, might not believe it, but] You know she's waiting Just anticipating The thing that she'll never, never, possess,no,no But while [all the time] she's without it Go to her and try just a little bit of tenderness [Thats all you gentlemen gotta do] Oh,but its one thing It might be a bit sentimental yeah, yeah She has - her greaves and care But the soft words [they] are spoken so gentle Yeah But, oh, that makes it, makes it easier to bear, yeah You wont regret it No no, Them young girls they dont forget it [Cause] Love is their whole, whole happiness Yes, yes, yeah And its all so easy Come on and try Try a little Tenderness Yeah Try Just keep on trying You've got to love her Squeeze her Don't tease her Make love [Get to her] Hold her tight Just, just try a little tenderness Thats all you gotta do Youve gotta hold her tight One more time You`ve got to love her hold her Don't tease her Never leave her Make love to her Hold her, man Try a little tenderness [Just one time] God have mercy now All you`ve gotta do Love her You've gotta hold her Don't squeeze her Never leave her Y ou gotta now,now,now Watch it , tell everybody Try Try a little tenderness You gotta make love Don't tease her Never leave her Rub her down Smooth her, soothe her Move her Love her Rub her Gotta gotta, zak it to her Try some tenderness Oh yeah Tenderness Little tendernes Gotta, lord you gotta hold her Squeeze her Never leave her Já a devia ter ouvido muitas vezes, mas lembro-me desta canção do filme Pretty in Pink que adorei ver durante a minha adolescência (é escusado gozar...). Continuo a gostar dela e do Otis Redding...

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