Que moviestar és tu?

According to the Movies.com Which Movie Star Are You Like? quiz, you're: Charlize Theron
Everyone agrees you're one of the most beautiful people around, but you're more than willing to muddy up those purdy features to win the respect of your peers (not to mention that Oscar!). You've got a solid relationship and seem to truly love your partner, who supports your career seemingly without envy. We're betting you have a few other surprises up those well-tailored sleeves of yours, too.
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Blogger wind disse...

You're Jennifer Lopez!

Is it wrong to know exactly what you want and demand that you get exactly what you asked for? Some people might call that selfish, but in Hollywood, it's called power, baby! You may have settled down a bit, but you've still got a wild streak, as demonstrated by your clothing and your bread-crumb trail of ex-husbands. You can take Jenny out of the block, but you can't take the block out of Jenny.

4/25/2006 03:59:00 da manhã  

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